Denied Applications

App: MTerrador

The application submitted by MTerrador is as follows:

Name : Nerai
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : US - Illidan
Level : 110
Gender : Male
Faction : Horde
Race : Orc
Class : Hunter
Spec 1 : Marks
Spec 2 : Beast

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

1) What role in the guild are you interested in?:

How did you come to apply to Haunted by Murlocs? (i.e In-Game Recruiting Post, Forum Post, Referral: Please indicate Who):
Referral by Krillon

2) Please list the name and realm of your main character.:

3) What are your character's professions? (Please also add the current level of each profession):
Engi and BS, not used

4) Please list all raid experience you have while that raid was current content. (Please note the name of the character(s) you cleared the raid content on):
Full Normal (Heroic now) Throne of Thunder and SoO with some Heroics (MYth)
Mythic Highmaul 5/7 pre BRF
Mythic Blackrock Foundry 10/10
Heroic HFC 12/13, guild died here
EN Normal 7/7, plan on clearing at least 5/7 this weekend

5) Why are you leaving (or have left) your current guild?:
It Died in HFC, quit the game for awhile afterwards

We currently raid from 9:30 am. until 12:30 pm. EST Thursdays, Fridays, and Mondays. Please select below the days you will be available to raid during those times.

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> Don\'t Know
Monday -> Don\'t Know
Tuesday -> Don\'t Know
Wednesday -> Don\'t Know
Thursday -> Don\'t Know
Friday -> Don\'t Know
Saturday -> Don\'t Know

Other half of Attack/ Krillon's app. Still waiting on their logs, but his pally was quite strong last xpac (hunter now). Evidence

Unfortunately this dude also happens to be louder/ more abrasive of the two. We cool with calling this the first of our "no more couples" rule?

They call me Queen Bitch, or Captain Giggity.

Is this the real this just Fantazie?

100% no couples.


Would love another MM tho.  Def need someone to collaborate and bounce ideas off of.  

Excuse me, are you a maniac?  I am and i'm ok with that.
About Haunted by Murlocs

<Haunted by Murlocs> is a morning raiding guild on US-Area 52. We currently raid from 9:30 am until 12:30 pm Thursdays, Fridays and Mondays.

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